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Elegant Memorials Take Planning

When you decide to have a memorial service with funeral homes in Dallas, TX after your loved one is cremated, or perhaps directly buried, it takes a lot of planning to get things lined up and into place. You are going to want to put even more thought into the process if you want things to have an elegant touch to them. Here are some of the planning details you will want to think through.

Choose The Proper Location

There are some locations that are going to feel more elegant than others. Perhaps you will want to book a ballroom for your loved one’s celebration, for example. The funeral home can also give you space and you can decorate in a fine manner that puts off that elegant feel, too. The location will make a big difference in the way the event feels, so you will want to book things that fit the ambiance you want for that event.

Create Classy Invitations, Programs, and So On

Not everyone creates invitations for a life celebration memorial, but you certainly can do so. You can make them classy and inviting so everyone knows what type of event they are going to attend. The look of those invitations is going to make a huge difference in the ambiance of the event as well. You can also create programs and other items for the service that will help you to dictate the feel of the service as well as the order of events. You might create a menu, for example, so everyone knows what you are serving, how many courses there are, and what they are in for.

Decorate In Sophisticated Manners

You probably won’t use streamers and balloons for a classy event, but you could use linens, candles, and other sophisticated decorations. Perhaps keep the lighting a little lower and more romantic and infuse other classic colors into the space. It can help to keep the event elegant in every way.

Have Family Wear Certain Attire

It may be a good idea to request your family to wear certain attire in order to keep the event classy. You might want dresses and suits, not for a funeral-type event, but rather for a classy affair, perhaps more like a wedding. The attire they are wearing will help them to inform the style of the event as well.

Funeral Homes Dallas, TX

Celebrate The Life Well-Lived In An Honorable Manner

Once you have the event set up, you are going to want to celebrate your loved one’s life in an honorable manner. Perhaps you will play classical music or have live musicians. You can also have people speak about your loved one in a nice manner. There are plenty of options and the funeral homes in Dallas, TX can help you get the tone you want to be lined up at the right time. Since there’s no timeline on the process, you are able to do things whenever you want and that can help you to do things with less stress on your side.