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Customizing Celebrations Of Life With Funeral Homes

When a loved one passes on, all you really want to do is honor their memory and send them off in a dignified, respectful manner. Many people use funeral homes in Coppell, TX for their final disposition. If you choose to go with cremation, there are a number of different services you could have after the cremation takes place. While many families go with memorial services, you could also organize a celebration of life. Those services are especially meaningful if you are able to customize them to your loved one’s personality. Here are a few ways in which you can do that.

Have Guests Come Prepared With Memories

Inform everyone you invite to the celebration of life that you are going to be sharing memories about your loved one. They can come prepared with a special story to tell about a funny event, something your loved one said that meant a lot to them, or a time they were there for them. If they don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of the group, encourage them to write their memory down and start a memorial book that you can copy and distribute to close family members.

Incorporate Upbeat Music

What songs did your loved one sing along to no matter how many times they heard the tune? Play some of your loved one’s favorite upbeat tunes during their celebration of life to bring some of their personality to the event. Remember, this type of event is a celebration of a life well lived. It’s okay to play rock, jazz, or anything in between. The music will bring memories to light for many people in attendance.

Feature The Best Photos

Most people have a sleuth of photos in their history, some are good while others are not. Pull together some of the best shots of your loved one doing things they loved. Think about their wedding, family vacations, shots of them gardening if they liked that chore and so on. Choose things that really showcase their lifestyle and what made them who they are. You can create a slideshow to run continuously or a video that everyone will watch together. You could also put together a photo table that can also feature memorabilia that they cherished.

There are a number of things you can do to customize a celebration of life and the funeral home in Coppell, TX you work with will have a lot of other ideas to help you tailor-make your service for your loved one. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center and tell us about your loved one. The more we know about them and your family, the more we can help with advice and recommendations on how to make the celebration of life something truly special. Call us for ideas at (214) 350-9951 or meet with our funeral director on person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220. We’d love to show you the space we have available at our facility so you can start to imagine the service.