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Cremation Products That Can Mean A Lot At Celebration Services

When you decide to have a loved one cremated at Dallas funeral homes, you then have to decide what kind of memorial service to have, if any. Many people use traditional services, that feel a lot more like funerals and have a somber tone to them. But there are also other options, like a celebration of life. In this type of event, you have a light-hearted feel that goes over happy memories and good times. You celebrate a life well-lived instead of focusing on the sadness of death. If that feels like the right move for you, there are cremation products that you might want to incorporate into that service.

Special Urns

Your loved one doesn’t have to be present in an urn at the celebration of life, but if you’d like for them to be, buying an urn that highlights their lifestyle can really make a difference in the feel of the service. Perhaps get something in a bright color to show their personality or customize an urn with a saying that meant a lot to them. The urn can be at the center of the celebration. You can also keep the urn in a family home later as well.

Cremation Jewelry

A popular alternative to urns today is cremation jewelry options. These small urns can be worn as a piece of jewelry. You can wear them to the celebration of life, even, and many family members can have one. It’s nice to be able to split your loved one up amongst the people who love them most and having them at the celebration of life in that form can make the event feel that much more special.

Photos Urns

If you want to display your loved one in an urn, but want them to be remembered as they were, a photo urn can be a nice product to buy. Photo urns have small urns behind them for ashes and room to display a picture of your loved one in front. The urn and the ashes are present, but the focus is on your loved one’s life, just like the celebration itself. This type of urn is also something you can take home and appreciate after the services are complete.

Dallas funeral homes

Keep in mind that when you buy a cremation package, that is all you need for the services. You don’t have to get anything else at all. The cremation package is all-inclusive. But many families like to add things that make the process more personal and customized for the celebration of life. If you want any of these products, Dallas funeral homes can show you options. At the same time, you don’t have to buy them from Hughes Family Tribute Center. You can get your cremation products from any vendor and we will gladly use them for the celebration of life that you plan with us. We want you to be able to honor your loved one in whatever you see fit, with whatever products you want.