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Cremation Celebration Of Life Service Order

If you’ve ever attended a funeral before, you know there’s an order to the service. Things take place in a certain manner and it can be very comforting since everyone knows what to expect and what’s going to happen next. There’s often a handout at the beginning of the service that even tells how the order will take place. If you are going with Garland, TX cremation for a loved one, you can have a memorial service that feels like a funeral, if that is what you want. But more and more are having more of a celebration of life to remember their loved one’s best moments. For those events, what is the order like? The good news is, you can put things in any order you want and do whatever you want.

Possible Orders

For many families, it’s nice to have a gathering time as people arrive. During that time, they might play uplifting, lively music that their loved one likes. There might also be a slide show or pictures going or a table of photo books and other memorabilia for people to flip through. This is a time for people to mingle, share stories, and enjoy one another’s company. Once the celebration of life actually begins, many people want to keep things light and celebratory over going with traditions. They might just have an open mic time where people share memories and stories of their loved one or they might do some readings or other things that highlight the person’s personality.

Get Direction From Experts

If you’ve never hosted a celebration of life before, and since the possibilities are endless, you might not really know what order you want to do things in. Talk to the experts at a local funeral home to get some ideas. They’ve seen celebrations of life and funerals of all kinds. They can tell you what other families have done in the past and make recommendations to you based on your loved one’s personality and your preferences. Once you have a direction, you can customize, mix and match whatever order you’d like. You can place it in a bulletin, like memorial services often do, or have it flow in a more natural way.

If you are still struggling with the order of events, talk to people who have had celebrations of life before and see what they liked doing and what they would change if they did one again. Talk to family members as well and see what elements they would like to include. You want to enjoy the service as much as possible and you want everyone else who attends to appreciate it as well. After Garland, TX cremation is complete, keep in mind that you have no set timeframe. You can take your time arranging the perfect celebration of life. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help with any of your needs. Call us at (214) 350-9951 or visit with our funeral director in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220.