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Creating A Special Reception After Cremation Services

When you plan an event for a loved one after they have passed away, you want it to be special from start to finish. Once the cremation services in Dallas, TX are complete, whether you have something traditional or more of a celebration of life, it’s nice to have a gathering for family and friends to spend more time together. How do you create something special and memorable to allow family and friends to share stories and more time together? Here are a few ideas:

Utilize Music

Your loved one likely had a favorite singer, band, or at least a favorite music style. You can use music to remind people of them during the reception. Play the Beatles if they couldn’t get enough of that or something from the pop stars of today if that’s what they liked. The music will create the mood and bring memories about when people hear something your loved one enjoyed.

Request Attire Themes

Did your loved one always wear blue? Or red? Have people wear that color in their honor and infuse it into the decorations of the reception. You could also go with a hat theme if they never were without one. Sports jerseys if they cheered on any team they saw playing. And so on. Make sure everyone knows about the theme before the event so no one feels left out. Or perhaps have some extra items that fit in that anyone can grab to participate.

Refreshment Favorites

Everyone has a favorite food. What was your loved one’s best meal? You could do something like an ice cream sundae bar if they liked the treat more than anything else. Order pizzas or serve sweet tea. Whatever they enjoyed, make it a part of the event to bring everyone together under the umbrella of something they loved when they were alive.

Invite The Right People

Often, after a final service, everyone who attends is invited to the reception. You can do things that way, but you don’t have to. You can just invite close family and friends and those who have traveled a long way to be at the service. Having the right people on hand can make the event that much more special for everyone involved.

When you are planning final services with cremation services in Dallas, TX, keep the reception you could have after those services in mind as well. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you plan services from start to finish. We know your loved one was a unique individual and we don’t have any standard funerals that fit every person. We customize and create services that speak to the individual’s personality and the family’s honoring of that. Give us a call at (214) 350-9951 to talk over service or reception ideas or set up a time to speak with us in person. You can also come tour our facilities at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220 to see if we have the space you need for your event.