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Considering Cremation Jewelry For After Life Celebrations

When you decide on a cremation service for a loved one, funeral homes in Dallas, TX are there to help you go over the details and options. One of the options you have is what you want to do for a final resting place. The good part about cremation is that there is no timeline on that process. You can decide at any time and you can take your time with that decision. While the funeral home will never decide anything for you, they can let you in on the options that are available to you and something might hit the right place and be the choice you think is best. You might, for example, really like the idea of cremation jewelry for your loved one and your family after you have the celebration of life. Here are a few things that are true about that option.


Wearing Jewelry Is A Unique Way To Honor Loved Ones

Celebrations of life are unique ways to honor your loved one since you can customize every detail. Another unique way to honor them is to use cremation jewelry. There are a variety of pieces and one of them might remind you of your loved one’s style and personality. You can place a piece of their ashes in the urn the jewelry holds and wear it when you want to think about them and honor their memory.


Family Members Can Have Matching Sets

One nice thing about cremation and using cremation jewelry is that you can split your loved one up among various family members. Let’s say a parent died and you have three other siblings, you can each have a cremation jewelry piece that holds a bit of the person you lost. You can have matching sets that gives you all a way to stay close to your loved one in the same way.


The Item Can Be An Heirloom

If you have a special jewelry piece, or perhaps even have something custom-made, it can become a real family heirloom that is passed down through the generations. While some cremation jewelry is simply a very small urn for a piece of cremated remains, you can also have something made, like a diamond, out of the ashes. That can be even more special and something you can pass down to your children that they will then pass on as well.


It Allows Your Loved One Multiple Resting Placesfuneral homes in Dallas, TX

Cremation doesn’t restrict your final resting place options. You can scatter the ashes all in one location, or you can do multiple things. You might put some ashes in cremation jewelry pieces and then scatter the rest, for example. You can satisfy multiple people or simple do lots of things to honor your loved one with a resting place you think they would like.


The professionals in funeral homes in Dallas, TX are here to help you with all of the details, even finding jewelry items to hold your loved one after cremation. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center with any questions.