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Celebration of Life Service

The death of someone you love is probably one of the most traumatic and saddest part of your life. In fact, people feel so lost after losing a loved one. That is why Dallas, TX cremations was built to help you out in everything you need, especially in giving you the best way to honor your loved one. Our company can also provide you the most healing service through focusing on the life of your loved one. We will assist you in arranging a special life celebration that promotes healing while remembering and sharing the story of your loved one.

What Is A Celebration Of Life Service?

A gathering of family and friends to honor the life of a deceased loved one is described to as a celebration of life. It is a ceremony that achieves the same purpose as the traditional funeral ceremony. The ceremony accomplishes the same goal as a traditional funeral service. A life celebration, on the other hand, has a more uplifting atmosphere that highlights the on inspiring stories, memorable experiences that involved the departed, including your loved one’s unique life.

What Takes Place At A Life Celebration Service?

In a celebration of life, the activities are personalized to your deceased loved one. As a result, it is not necessary to add a formal arrangements or traditional procedures. During the celebration, memories and stories will almost likely be shared among family and friends. There may be singing or joyful worship, or a playlist of the deceased’s favorite songs may be playing. Actually, whole event is entirely up to you or the people who is in charge in planning the life celebration service. But, you have every right and decision what will happen in the celebration of life ceremony.

How To Plan A Celebration Of Life Service?

Since a life celebration is different from a traditional funeral service, specifically in its structure and program of the event, below are the few things you should consider in planning it and to make the ceremony goes smoothly.

  • Choose a venue – Typically, the celebration of life takes place somewhere other than the church or crematorium where the burial or cremation took place. It can be held at your own home, at a local community center, or at a celebration of life center, etc. Even at the favorite or special place of your deceased loved one.
  • Choose a time and date – In setting a date and time, you have to consider the attendees or guests that you will be invited. Some needs ample time to make travel arrangements. Make sure to ask for dates that are convenient for them. Then, once you have decided, let them know as soon as possible, so they can also prepare.
  • Choose an emcee – It is good to assign someone who will lead the event. You may ask someone who is confident in speaking to many people. So, the event will go smoothly as well as organize.
  • Select photos and videos – Photos and videos can indeed spark many memories. To make the event more interesting, you find photos and videos to make a slideshow and display them. Or you can also ask anyone that is invited to share some of their memories with the departed, to add more pictures and films that are indeed unforgettable.Cremation Services in Dallas, TX

These are just some of the many plans you can make for the celebration of life. These are actually the most important things you need to prepare.

In Dallas, TX cremations, we are more than willing to help you in the life celebration of your loved one. Our life celebration services are made for both burials and cremations, and our utmost priority is your loved one’s life story.