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Celebrating Life With A Dallas Funeral Home

When you first recognize that you need to work with Dallas funeral homes in order to organize final services for a loved one, you might assume that any service you have in the funeral home is going to feel somber and like a traditional funeral. While there is nothing wrong with those types of funerals and final services, that might not have the right feel for your loved one. Instead of a final service that feels sad and somber, you can have more of a celebration of life—even within the funeral home facilities. Here are a few ways you can celebrate life with the funeral home of your choice.

Choose The Room And Decorate

If you decide to have the event at the funeral home, you can choose whish space is best for your family. There are many different spaces available and you can look at them all and judge based on the space available as well as the atmosphere. Funeral home rooms, unlike what you might think, are bright with natural light as well as open and welcoming. You can also bring in decorations to make the services even more special. If your loved one was a huge Cowboys fan, for example, there’s nothing wrong with hanging pendants and posters to indicate that fanhood.

Pick Uplifting Music

When funerals occur, they often have classical music or hymns involved. But you don’t have to use that type of music for a celebration of life, even if you are using the funeral home for the event. You can play the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, oldies, or whatever else your loved one adored. You can play the music in the background as people gather and share memories or you can play them behind a music picture video you have put together. The music can help the mood of the day all that much more.

Celebratory Attire

Dallas funeral homesTypically, when people attend funerals, they dress in conservative attire and sometimes even darker colors. With a celebration of life, even if you have the celebration at the funeral home, things can have a much more casual feel to them. You can ask people to wear your loved one’s favorite color, even if that’s bright red, or you can just tell people to come as they are. This celebration is more about life and less about honoring a death. You can celebrate the good times and wear different types of clothing.

When you work with Dallas funeral homes on a celebration of life for your loved one, even if you are going to have that service in their facilities, you can still do a variety of things with it to make it feel like a true celebration and less of a somber event that mourns a death. You are still going to grieve your loved one, but celebrating a life well-lived is a nice way to honor them as well. Contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center for help with every part of the process.