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A Helpful Checklist for Your Celebration of Life Service

A celebration of life is an alternative to the traditional funeral service being held when a death of a loved one happened. It is also defined as a unique way to honor someone who recently departed. Life celebration, just like any other event, needs to be organized event if it is personalized. And so, we have listed down below the important things and steps to follow in order to facilitate well the planning of the life celebration service. Also, you don’t have to worry, even if it’s your first time, for in Irving, TX funeral services are ready to assist you and much willing to attend to all your requests.

Establish a Vision

Envision all the things you want to have in the celebration of life service. Think about the activities you want the guests to engage in with one another. Consider the event ambiance, theme, atmosphere, etc. Make sure you have a clear picture in your mind on how the event should turned out.

Consider the Expenses

One of the excellent things about the celebration of life service is that is purely personalized, so there won’t be much expense. Yet, if you want a grand life celebration event, then you will have to pay more. Just make sure that your needs will be met while taking into consideration the budget that you have.

Decide on the Venue

Here, you should know how many people or guests you will invite which will serve as your biggest consideration when choosing a venue. The choice is yours, if you want the event open to the local community or just an intimate gathering ceremony. But, keep in mind the requests of the departed as well as your family.

Select a Date

Another good thing about celebration of life is that you don’t need to hold it immediately. It can be held weeks or months after the funeral. And, in choosing a date, it is also up to you. You can pick an important date for the event. Celebration of life can actually give you an ample time to plan and consider the guests who will be coming from far away to attend the celebration.

Plan the Celebration of Life

When you have the venue and the date set, you can then plan for the event. If you’re considering to have speakers, activities, slideshow, and more, include them to your planning. You may also arrange for special guests, and have date set for the invitation of the guests in this part. Finally, can also make a program to make the event more organized.

Choose a Theme

Lastly, you may select a stylish yet meaningful theme for the whole event. And here, you can also choose music as well as decide for food and beverages to be served during the celebration of life service.

Irving, TX funeral services do a dignified service such as the celebration of life and many more. And, if you still have more queries, our team will be there for you.