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5 Unique Ideas You Can Try in a Celebration of Life

Aside from the fact that celebration of life is as unique as you heard it, people are still looking for more ideas to make the event extraordinary. So, a celebration of life is a service which honor and celebrate the life of a loved one who has departed. Although, it has the same purpose with the traditional funeral, but the practices that life celebration uses are different and most of the time, it is a less formal way. And, if you’re looking for ideas to make this type of event even more special, we listed some of the helpful ones that you should try. Irving, TX funeral homes is also here to guide you with all your requests.

Guest Scrapbook

A guest scrapbook allows everyone to share their stories whether in a written or picture form. People who attended the life celebration event whether it is the deceased’s family or friend may write the words they want to say, paste their favorite photo with the departed, and then signed them along with their name in the scrapbook.

Video Presentation of Shared Photos

In a celebration of life, you can also make a slideshow or a video presentation of collected pictures of the departed including the shared photos the deceased had with the guests. Adding music to your video is another great touch. Selecting music that the person loved adds a special touch.

Balloon or Lantern Release

In honoring the memory of a loved one, another fun celebration of life idea is including a lantern, balloon or dove release. Yet, take note that, there are tons of ways to do this one, and it is not necessary to only use a balloon. Some uses paper lanterns, doves, or butterflies. This idea actually represents releasing a lost loved one or giving affectionate thoughts to their spirit.

Make A Donation to A Favorite Charity or School Library

The beautiful thing about a celebration of life is that it is a personalized event. The choice is all up to you. And honoring your or the departed’s favorite charity or school library is also possible. You have all the rights to purchase gifts or donate items for your chosen people or place.

A Memorial Garden

Last but not least, in a life celebration, you may also have a remembrance garden is a beautiful and lasting way to remember a loved one. This can be done at home or in public. You may request that each visitor bring a seed to plant to contribute to the memorial garden. By doing this, memories will bloom every year.Irving, TX funeral homes

Finally, these are just some of the many ideas that you might want to try if you want to have a celebration of life for your loved one.

We are fully aware that every customer has different ways on how they should do the life celebration event, and that is why we also treat them differently according to their needs and wants for their loved ones. If you want additional details about our celebration of life service, please contact or reach as at Irving, TX funeral homes.