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Grieving Around Celebrations And Cremation Services

When someone in your family passes away, you are going to grieve in some way or another. If you decide to have cremation services in Dallas, TX for a loved one, there are plenty of options that you are going to want to consider. Some families feel right about having a traditional memorial service that feels like a funeral and is more on the ritualistic, somber side. Or, you might feel like a celebration of life is what your loved one would appreciate the most. Here are some of the ways you can grieve around a cremation service as well as a celebration of life.

Grief Takes Time

As you make plans for your loved one, you are going to have to understand that grief is going to take time to pass. You don’t have to feel bad that you still have sadness in your heart, even as you celebrate a loved one’s life. Celebrating life can give you hope and can help you to look ahead to the future. But it’s not going to take away the fact that your loved one has died and that you are going to miss them. Feeling better around the facts of the death is simply going to take time.

Grief Looks Different For Each Person

If you have gone through the grieving process before, you know what grief looks like in your life. However, even if you have grieved before, your grief this time might look different. It’s going to be different each time and it’s going to be different in each person as well. You might find that you grief is a bit more filled with hope this time in light of the life celebration you are going to have for them. Life celebrations can feel good in showcasing a life well lived.

Stages Of Grief Don’t Always Line Up

You might read up on the grieving process and that can make you feel better about recognizing what stage you are in. But you have to also recognize that those stages don’t always line up in the same way. You may not move seamlessly from one to another and you might even get stuck in one. You may find that your stages pause when you celebrate your loved one’s life and then move back to where you were. There are a lot of things that are valuable to know about the stages, as long as you understand the process doesn’t always work the same way and some people skip stages or movecremation services in Dallas, TX back and forth between them.

Recognizing A Good Life Can Further Grief

There are a lot of things you can do to put yourself on the path toward healing and recognizing your loved one’s good life with a celebration is one thing that might feel good to you. While, of course, you are sad about their death, you can also showcase their life for the good that it was and enjoy the memories with your family. That can help you to get the closure you need and say a final goodbye in a hope-filled, positive way after cremation services in Dallas, TX.

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Why Cremation Services And Live Celebrations Are More Affordable

When you are in charge of planning a loved one’s final services, it can be hard to figure out what you want to do for that individual. You want to do whatever they would appreciate the most, but you may have a budget you need to satisfy as well. One of the nice things about working with reputable professionals is that no matter what direction you take, whether you go with a funeral or Dallas cremation, you are honoring your loved one. Both choices are completely respectable and can take care of your loved one’s needs. However, cremation services cost a lot less than funeral services. You can also have life celebrations for a smaller cost than you could have a funeral or traditional memorial service.

No Casket Needed For A Cremation

Even the least expensive caskets are going to have a cost to them. When you have a funeral, you need a casket. But if you have a budget in mind, you may not be able to afford everything you need for your loved one with a funeral service. With cremation, you can cut a lot of the services and even some of the products out of the process. You don’t need a casket and taking that out of the picture takes away some of the costs that are included with a funeral.

No Costly Venue Needed For A Life Celebration

While you can have a celebration of life anywhere you want, including in a family church or community center, you also don’t have to spend anything at all on the venue for this type of service. You can have something outside, something in a family home, or in other places that are completely free. Taking the venue cost out of the process can help you to keep on track with a budget as well.

No Burial Plot Necessary For Cremation

When you have cremation done, one of the bigger costs that you can cut out is the burial plot that you don’t have to have. You can bury a cremated loved one, but you certainly don’t have to. There are a lot of other options that don’t have any costs to them. You can scatter ashes for free or even keep them in your family home. Taking the burial plot costs out of the equation reduces the price a great deal.

Celebration Of Life Services Are More Casualcremation services in Dallas, TX

Funeral and even traditional memorial services are usually more somber and have certain things included in them. You might have to pay for a venue, flowers for the decoration, bulletins, a person to preside over the service, and so on. Those costs add up quickly and can become more than you were hoping to spend before you know it. With a life celebration, you can keep things casual. You don’t have to have decorations at all or you can use nature if you have an outdoor service. Have everyone bring a dish of food so you don’t have to pay for a meal and so on. The casual feel of the celebration of life is often less costly as well.

If you want to plan a celebration of life after a Dallas cremation, contact Hughes Family Tribute Center.

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Celebrating Life By Decorating A Gravestone

When you work with funeral homes in Dallas, TX on final services, and you decide to go with a traditional burial and funeral, you might grieve your loved one’s death and feel like the future is a bit foggy without them in it with you. However, there are still reasons to celebrate that person as well and celebrating their life and all of the things they did while they were with you can help you to have hope for the future. You can have a celebration of life for them to go over fond memories and good times. This is something that can happen as a part of the funeral, or as a separate service later. You can also celebrate your loved one’s life through decorations on their grave. Here are a few things to consider.

Decorate On Birthdays

Your loved one’s birthday is a date you are never going to let slip by without noticing. It might be a harder day because they are no longer here to celebrate with you. You will think of it in terms of they would have been a certain age had they still been alive. One thing you can do to celebrate the day is to take something to their grave to decorate. You might take some flowers that they adored, some candles with a certain number on them that you can place near their headstone, a birthday hat, or other such things. This might become a new ritual for you and a way to celebrate your loved one in a unique way.

Take Something On The Anniversary

Another day you are always going to remember, whether you mark the calendar or not, is the day your loved one died. It can feel like a good move for your own grieving process to visit their grave on that day and you might want to take something to decorate the grave so everyone who walks through will know your loved one was well cared for, and still is. You can place fresh flowers, a wreath, a new family photo, or any number of other things to show your loved one you still care.

Go With The Seasonal Items

You may be one to decorate your home with different seasons and you can also take something to your loved one’s grave around those times. When you get the pumpkins and harvest items out, take a few things to the grave to make it fit in with the fall. When Thanksgiving comes around, take a paper turkey to set on top of the headstone and so on. The seasonal decorations can help you toDallas, TX funeral homes involve your loved one’s grave in with your decorating rituals.

Keep Cemetery Rules In Mind

You are going to want to know what the cemetery that houses your loved one’s remains has in place in terms of rules for decorations. Funeral homes in Dallas, TX can help you understand the regulations and figure out what is fitting. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center any time.

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How Cremation And Celebration Became Popular

Dallas funeral homes offer a variety of different services as a standard. Most funeral homes offer both funeral services and cremation options today. They also offer a variety of services to go around those final processes. Funerals and memorial services are standard, but there are also providers that specialize in celebrations of life. Cremation and life celebrations are both becoming very popular today. Here are a few reasons why that is the case.

Cremation Is Simple

Cremation is a simple process that can easily give your loved one what they need. There isn’t a lot of fuss around the process, which might be just what you want for that person. Perhaps they were an introvert and you know they wouldn’t want a lot of messing around with their services. Cremation is to the point and a simple way to give them what they need.

Celebrations Are Filled With Hope

Funerals can be very sad and they concentrate on the sadness related to death. Is it sad that you lost a loved one? Of course it is! But celebrating their life instead of dwelling on their death can help you to focus on hope for the future instead of the sadness you feel. When you think about a life well-lived, it can remind you of the good times and the fact that your loved one will always live on in your memories.

Cremation Is Cost-Effective

Cremation, when you lay it side by side with a funeral service, simply costs less. There are far fewer products and services that are necessary with cremation, which allows it to start at a lower cost. You can choose a simple cremation package and get everything you need for thousands less than you would have to spend on the most basic funeral package. Cremation can help people on a budget get what they need for their loved one.

Celebrations Are Versatile

While funeral services follow many of the same traditions every time, a life celebration can be whatever you want it to be. You can gather for a meal with family and go over happy memories. You can take part in an activity your loved one adored. You can play music and dance with your family. The options are endless and you can do something that feels really special for your loved one and who they were.

Cremation And Celebration Go TogetherDallas funeral homes

You can have whatever kind of service you want for your loved one after cremation is complete, but cremation and life celebrations can really go well together. Cremation allows you to take away the timeline so you can plan whatever you want, whenever you want. It also makes your loved one highly portable so they can go wherever you want to have the services if you want them to be present. While you can do a variety of things after cremation, a celebration fits in nicely with many plans.

If you are considering cremation and/or a life celebration for a loved one, Dallas funeral homes can help in providing the options you need to consider.

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What Makes An Urn The Right Urn?

When you decide that cremation services in Dallas, TX are right for a loved one who passed on, you might want to consider the options that go around that service. You’ll get a cremation package upfront, which will allow you to take care of your loved one’s needs. Once you have that part of the process cared for, you can decide on the extras and other options that can be added on. You may, for example, want an urn instead of the cremation container the provider will give you as a part of any package. You will need the urn to be the right one and how can you decide what’s right? Here are a few tips to help.

It Is The Right Cost

The urn will have to be something that fits into your budget in order to be the right urn. It’s okay to get something under budget, but if you go well over your budget, you might have to cut something else important out of the memorial service or another area. Once you set a budget, try to stick to it so you are able to fit everything in that you need and want for your loved one.

It Is the Right Size

You will want to talk to the funeral home about what size you need for your urn. Your loved one’s height and weight will determine that and they can tell you what size you need. You can get something larger, but you don’t want something that is too small or your loved one’s remains won’t all fit inside. The right urn will be the right size for them.

It Is A Nice Material

There are a variety of different materials and you might want to get something that is suitable to your loved one’s personality and style. There are plenty of options and you can look over them all to determine what will look nice, suit your loved one, and work well for your celebration of life service that you have planned out.

It Suits Your Functions

There are different urn functions that you might not even be aware of. For example, if you are going to scatter the ashes as part of the celebration of life service, you might want an urn that makes that scattering easier. If you are going to keep the urn in your home, you wantcremation services in Dallas, TX something sturdy and long-lasting so it won’t spill or be in danger of breaking.

It Is Personalized To Your Specifications

You can personalize a variety of urns and if there are certain things you want for the urn, find a material and option that allows you to make it unique for your loved one. There are a variety of urn options and you will want to think about that along with the other decisions you’ll have to make revolving around cremation services in Dallas, TX. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you through every detail.

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Avoid These Mistakes In Life Celebrations After Cremation

If you have decided you want to go with Dallas cremation for a loved one’s final service, you will then have to figure out what kind of memorial you want to have for them, if any. You may, for example, want to celebrate their life and go over the good times instead of having something sad and somber revolving around their death. In that case, a life celebration can be a good option. But there are opportunities to make mistakes, in any event, you are planning and you will want to avoid these, if at all possible, so you don’t have regrets later. Here are some mistakes to avoid as you move ahead with the celebration plans.

Choosing The Wrong Funeral Home To Organize

The first mistake you might make is having the wrong funeral home helping you organizing the celebration. It can be hard to figure out which funeral home is right, but you will want to research and do your best to discern who will be a good fit for you. The wrong funeral home, for example, might be one that hasn’t done many celebrations of life before. The right funeral home will be an expert in the field and will have lots of ideas and options to share with you.

Making Things Too Somber

If you decide to have a celebration of life, it can be a mistake to include things that are too somber. You won’t strike the right feel if you, for example, want everyone to wear black or use music that is of a somber nature. If you want to have a traditional service, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you are trying to have a celebration of life, keep it uplifting.

Overdoing it With A High Budget

While it’s natural that you want nothing but the best for your loved one, you don’t have to buy things for the celebration that are highly expensive in order to honor them. There are cost-effective ways to honor your loved one. You can even get an urn that works well but doesn’t cost so much. High budgets can ruin what you are trying to do and put you into debt at the same time.

Not Including Your Loved One’s Personality

You want the celebration to revolve around your loved one so everyone remembers who theyDallas cremation are there to honor. If you don’t think about the things that they like the best and include them, you might have regrets over that later.

When you are planning a Dallas cremation for a loved one, it’s important to have the right professionals working by your side. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center and you have experts who arrange celebrations of life on a regular basis. We can offer ideas and suggestions to help you figure out just what you want to do for your loved one. We can tell you what others have done and come up with completely unique ideas at the same time.

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Choosing An Urn For a Life Celebration

If you have decided to use the professionals at funeral homes in Dallas, TX to have a cremation for your loved one, there are lots of things you will want to figure out before everything is finalized. Do you want to have a memorial service? Would you like to have an urn added onto the cremation package? If you are thinking about having a life celebration for your loved one, you will want a certain urn for that type of service, if your loved one is to be present. Here are some of the items that can help you choose the right urn.

Something That Fits

The first thing you need in an urn is something that is going to fit your loved one. The funeral home can tell you how large or small you need the urn to be in order to fit your loved one inside. You don’t want to get something too small or not all of their remains will fit. Find out what size you need and you can go from there on other parts of the process.

Something Suitable For The Event

Consider the type of event you are going to have and then, figure out what urn will be suitable for it. You might want an urn that looks uplifting for that celebration and not something too dark, for example. If you are having an outdoor picnic, you might want to get an urn that fits into the natural setting. The urn should stand out in a positive way and be something pleasant to look at during the celebration.

Something Personalized To Your Loved One

You want an urn that shouts your loved one’s personality. If you have options for personalizing the urn, you might want to do so with your loved one in mind. Get a certain color that they appreciated or a material you know they adored. Have something engraved on it that they always said or a picture of their favorite flower. You want everyone to know that urn is your loved one’s without question.

Something That Fits The Budget

Part of getting an urn is fitting it into your budget. You want something that looks nice and works well, but also something you can afford. You should have a budget in mind for the cremation service as a whole. That means the cremation package, the celebration of life,funeral homes in Dallas, TX the urn, and any other extras. You will want to break that budget down so you know what you can afford for the urn.

Something Functional

Urns function as holders, but you might have other functional needs for the urn you get for your loved one. Whatever you need, you need to make sure the urn you get will suffice. The funeral homes in Dallas, TX can help you find a suitable urn that will give you the functions you need at a price you can afford. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center will help with any other details as well.

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Making A Plan For A Celebration Of Life With Funeral Homes

When you are getting ready for a loved one’s final services with Dallas funeral homes, you might have decided that you want to have a celebration of life for them. While traditional funerals offer people peace of mind since they know what to expect, you might feel better about celebrating a life well lived. There are plenty of things to consider and you can create something personalized and unique for that special person. Here are a few things you are going to want to think about as you move forward with the celebration plans.

Consider The Location Options

As you think about what you want to do, some of what you decide will depend on the location. You aren’t going to release balloons within an indoor venue, right? And you may not want to have an outdoor service in the dead of summer when the temperatures are sweltering. Consider the location options and that can help you decide on a direction to take with the celebration.

Look At Musical Choices

Many celebrations have music and you will want to do something special for your loved one’s tunes. Consider the songs that they enjoyed the most and the type of music that spoke to them. You might even be able to find a playlist on their phone or computer that they ran a lot. Use those songs as a background for the celebration as long as they are uplifting and upbeat to help the celebration be everything you want it to be.

Decorate The Venue

Depending on where you are having the event, you can consider decorating the venue to match your loved one’s style and the type of celebration you are having. Perhaps you are going to have a birthday theme to celebrate your loved one’s life and you can have a cake, decorate with streamers and balloons, and even have a pinata. You can use their favorite colors, decorate with art or crafts they made, or other such things.

Plan Out The Food

Most celebrations are going to include food, whether you have them as a part of the event or something you have after the main celebration. Consider finger foods, perhaps, so people can eat it here and there are they enjoy the other festivities. You could also have favorites that your loved one enjoyed to remind everyone about them, even if that’s just pizza or sandwiches, for example. Drinks are also a good idea, even if they are basic like coffee, water, tea, and lemonade.

Have ActivitiesDallas funeral homes

Most celebrations are going to be filled with activities. You might just have a dance or you might have games and other things going on. It’s a nice way to celebrate, keep things uplifting, and just move the celebration along.

When your loved one passed on and you feel good about having a celebration of life for them, Dallas funeral homes can help. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center for ideas and options.

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Relieve Pressure Around Cremation Service Plans

There are a lot of different pressure points that are going to pile up when you are trying to plan cremation services in Dallas, TX for a loved one after they have passed on. You are already grieving, however, and it’s not good to put even further stress upon yourself. Planning final services is hard, but here are some ways to relieve pressure.

Go With What The Person Wanted

The first thing you can do is simply go with what your loved one wanted for their final services. If you have any way of knowing what that is, whether they told you or planned something out themselves, go with it. Doing what they wanted to have done is going to make you feel a great deal of relief. You are honoring their wishes and that’s really special and can give you peace of mind.

Let Others Make Decisions

While you might be the person who is in charge of the final services, you can let other people in and allow them to decide on certain things on your behalf. You don’t have to make all of the choices alone. Have someone take over the memorial table at the life celebration or let someone plan a meal for the family to happen during or after that event. Even small things off your plate can really help.

Plan A Celebration With Gusto

While you are going to need to grieve and feel the sadness around your loved one’s death, it’s also important to honor their life in a way that you feel good about. It might feel relieving to plan something celebratory that goes through their life in a positive manner. Celebrate that life well-lived instead of concentrating on the death and that can also be a relief to you.

Allow The Timeline To Slip

There’s no written rule that says a celebration of life has to take place a certain number of dayscremation services in-Dallas-TX after someone has died. In fact, if you choose cremation, once that cremation process takes place, there’s no timeline on anything else at all. It can be a real relief to your planning process to set a date in the future, weeks or even months down the road, for the celebration of life to take place. You can take your time with the plans and get something really special together for your loved one and the rest of your family.

It can be a hard path to walk if you are planning cremation services in Dallas, TX for a loved one, but you have other family members and friends on your side, willing to help. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are also here for you. We want to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. We will help you plan out the celebration and then, you can toss those decisions into our hands and we’ll catch and run with them, implementing them in just the right way so you get everything you want for that special person.

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Planning Your Own Dallas Cremation In Detail

There are no right or wrong ways to plan your own Dallas cremation in advance and as you are making the plans, you can plan as much or as little as you’d like. There are some people who choose a cremation package and that’s all they do. In reality, that’s all you have to have. Cremation packages include everything that is necessary for the process. You get transportation after your death, the cremation process, the care you need, and a simple container. But there are other people who want to go further into the planning process and get lots of little details in order as well. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. Here are some of the things you might want to plan out.

Find A Funeral Home That Celebrates Life

The first thing you might want to search out if you would like a cremation followed by a celebration of life is a funeral home that is experienced in that type of service. Many providers will offer it, but few have years of experience in that area and that’s what you want when you entrust your plans to professionals. You’ll know your family is in good hands and that your plans will be carried out. These experts will also have ideas and options to help you get the right fit.

Choose The Pictures You Want Used

You can go as far as even choosing the pictures you want at the memorial table. Leave a book of pictures for your loved ones and label them. You can choose the picture you want for your bulletin and order of events, what you want used blown up at the front of the venue, what you want laid out on a memorial table, and so on. You know what pictures you like and dislike and having pictures that you appreciate present at your celebration can give you peace of mind.

Pick Music And Other Details

There are lots of details that can go into a celebration of life and you are able to choose as many of them as you’d like. You can pick what music is played, for example, what colors you ask people to wear, whether they will release balloons or blow bubbles or do something else in your honor. The details are completely up in the air and you are able to pick and choose between them and specify anything that is important to you.

Write Up An ObituaryDallas Cremation

You can even write up your own obituary, leaving blank only the date of death as you will not know that in advance. It can be a relief to your loved ones if you summarize your own life and include the details you want included as they won’t have to guess and try to pull something together themselves.

When you work on your own Dallas cremation plans in advance, you can plan as much of the life celebration out with the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center as you want.